Open circuit, curtain call

To the person who said “Watch out! It’s hot!”, that’s the best damn thing anyone has said to me all month. I usually just get a loud EH. Like that’s suppose to make me understand danger. I know we were just fixing cables, trying to get the light to stay on. But as I tore a strip of tape for you, I could have sworn the short circuit was inside of me.

I’m a physics student so I should know.

My heartbeat, travelled along an unintended path and my anxiety must have melted a fuse.

Sorry, I’m digressing about a muse. Calliope, was it?

Sorry, you’re not amused.

I’ll just take my musings elsewhere. But if you must know, that tape should have been slapped across my chest instead because unlike a band aid this one has a stronger adhesive and leaves no residue.

Sorry, I forgot to ask, is your hand okay? Do you need ice? Too slow, now the show must go on, the light is back on.

And I’ll just lightly step away from you to balance the voltage.

Because the current, both electric and water; could easily kill me.

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