(Relationships): #Apple and the #JailBreak Community! (v2.0)

In the 1.0 of this story I spoke on #Apples growing interest into thwarting the jailbreak community. They’d release updates periodically known to stifle jailbreak development. Usually when a jailbreak is release everyone who hasn’t had the previous one would flock to get the new one. In most cases, many are users whove already updated to the latest iOS. In order to enjoy the #JB, they have to downgrade. When an iOS is released there is also a signing window by Apple where you can downgrade any devices as necessary.

If you have the latest device OS, then you should choose this time to downgrade to the breakable iOS and sit there until the next major release. It’s not in many ppls interest to follow this or apply this if they’ve purchased a device that costs so much, but the methods these days are solid.

During this time of the window is best to jailbreak your device and stay. But keep in mind that when it’s available that a couple of things are happening at the same time.

  1. Public RC of most recent iOS — Final To Market
  2. Available Jailbreak Release (Public/Private)
  3. Updates and Download Windows
  4. Apple Signing Windows
  5. Jailbreak Tweaks/Cydia Substrate Update
  6. Signing Window Closes
  7. New iOS update released, patching jailbreak tools
  8. Re-Cycle into New iOS Release and New Devices

The cycle has been going on and on. So much so that Apple has actually lost avid followers to the alternative Android platform. Apple would eventually adapt certain tweaks that does in fact enhance the GUI or iOS experience for the user. At this time i have a secondary jailbroken device for experimental use. My primary device is running iOS9.3.3, which recently had a jailbreak released for it. I haven’t decided on whether or not if I’ll jailbreak this one. Still up in the air about it.

MrHashTag™ signing out, more to come, yall lay around for it…♠