here’s something i know:

i barely sleep.

i barely sleep and i barely eat and somehow i survive.

i always survive and i always make it.

i work on a different clock, my time does not run like yours.

i don’t have years to watch them go by

and i don’t have time.

the little time i have i spend it on growing.

i grow and i work hard everyday to accomplish something.

i have worked so much on love.

i have given it so much thought.

i have made myself an excellent lover,

an excellent friend, an extraordinary woman.

i’m good at love, i know love.

i’m so full of love that somedays my heart explodes and i cry at how beautiful life is.

i’m so full of love that on days i no longer want to survive, i push myself through.

i’m so full of love and i give it out as flowers. i give it out as presents.

i give and i give and i expect nothing, really.

what i mean to say by this

is that i barely have time because i’m always doing things i love.

and i love you.

i do.

but i love myself

and i don’t have the time to chase you across the universe.

i love you if you want me to.

i love you even if you don’t.