i’m not quite sure how i feel about having only one love of your life,

even though i know you’re mine.

i feel it the same way i feel my skin and the air against it.

i know it the same way i know my instincts.

but girl,

we have a whole life ahead of us.

let’s be many.

let’s change our love.

let’s make it grow and become something new and something else.

you grow, girl.

you change and learn and grow as much as you can as a person.

i’ll always be thrilled to get to know the new you.

i’ll grow, girl.

i’ll educate myself and travel and love me and others and i’ll become warm like the sun.

so girl,

if we change,

our love will too.

let’s let it.

let’s let our love change too.

so go,

i encourage you.

be free and choose your own path and do what you need to do.

do what you want to do.

find what moves you.

and when you’re ready,

let’s meet again.

and fall in love,

not again,

but for the first time.