Food Affairs

Food and eating play an important part in many people’s daily life in Finland. Even the media brings up the subject every day. On TV you get to see various cooking programs, and newspapers and magazines present recipes for both gourmets and weight watchers. Whether a food is wholesome or harmful to you is debated both on a scientific level and on discussion forums. The ethics and ecology of food make people talk.

Food identity is often connected with national and provincial eating habits and strengthening the local identity. I got interested in the differing from the common, and the building of individual roles, through food choices. Food choices have become a conscious way of defining our own place in society, and by these choices we take a stand ethically, ecologically, religiously and even politically, among other things.

In my work I consider the subject through individuals’ food choices. For my project I photographed and interviewed around twenty persons in different ages and occupations, living in the metropolitan area during 2010–2011. My aim was, with an open mind and without judgment, to show examples of different ways of relating to food, and on the other hand show a picture of today’s city inhabitants through the food theme.

Project is seen in the Food and Wine Fair in Helsinki Messukeskus 2011 and Kluuvi Shopping Center 2012. Some sample of the project:

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