A journey from road to rotating chair….

Self reliance and self belief brings you from road to rotating chair.

-self confidence-

It was the time of evening around 7pm in october 2015 when I was standing at my roof and was thinking about my career,my dreams,my objectives, my motives,my personality development and making assessment of myself that in the 16years of education what I have learned and what is the best or beautiful thing that ever happened to me. What i have learned and what i have earned. What i have lost and what i have found.Surprisingly i could hardly answer one or two questions.After sometime i came down and started using social media and watch my university mates pictures on Amal academy’s page which grabes my attention. I opened that page and started reading about it and the very first thought that came into my mind was yes Iqra you have found that light for which you always wished. I was imagining Amal as a light in complete darkness. Considering it my last hope for my development, for my recognition.It was the last date to apply so I applied there and got selected after interviews which was really a Lolly pop moment for me that i have selected. I still remember that day when Khadija called me that Iqra you have selected for fellowship and I started jumping without listening any thing more and the sounds of laughter and joy from both sides were unforgetable for me.

AFTER this is joined the fellowship and became the part of a beautiful,supportive,loveable family. My AMAL family!!!

-batch 7 amal family-

So here the flight towards success started. Each day at Amal became surprisingly memorable, beneficial, knowledgeable and beautiful. The best thing which i have learned here is self belief. If you trust your self then you can excel in every walk of life. It is you who will take the decision of your success and your failure.It is only you who can take yourself towards the sky or down towards the earth.It is only you who knew your USP. There is no one who will hold you and place you where you want to be.It is you who will struggle hard in order to watch your dreams,acheive your dreams and live your dreams.

I must say that AMAL has taught me that how to see dreams and how to take baby steps to acheive them by having self belief and self confidence.

In short Amal make me think who am I? what I want? What are my dreams and how I will acheive them. The important principles that played a vital role in my life are gratitude,teamwork,career management, stress handling, conflict management, sabr-e-jameel and a lot of other things.

After the intense fellowship of 3 months I am completely a different person.Now while standing on roof at fogy evening holding a cup of coffee in my hand if I ask again these questions from myself i CAN answer them not acurately but perfectly. I can satisfy and justify myself. Credit goes to MY AMAL ACADEMY-THE FIRST LOVE OF MY LIFE INDEED!!!!