Content marketing strategy of AKB Group

Rino Sashihara(HKT48)

Now , the term content marketing has been touted extensively as a marketing strategy of the company.

The thing of the contents ( text and pictures, videos ) from the content but , after all , it ‘ll let you know the goods using the content , it is that ‘ll let you buy . ( Also what if the companies branding )

The reason for content marketing catch is, the amount of information that flows through the explosively growing, of conventional advertising does not reach the consumer. It is a situation that is ignored even arrived.

By distributing content that is useful to the consumer, it is a purpose to be of increasing a favorable impression of the company and products.

Production and operation of content in spite of such terrible money and time is less profit.

Like effect comes out on TV CM, there is no immediate effect.
If from marketers who are required to cost-effective, it is a story had quite tight.

In a global company is to produce content, there is a need to localize the country around in a way that it does not take as much as possible effort.Content as much as possible towards the universal content that exceeds the border is preferred.

Although story changes, I went to Yokohama Arena to watch the live of HKT48 yesterday.

Speaking of HKT48 in one of AKB group based in Hakata, it is a group of Rino Sashihara who became the first place in the other day of AKB general election will serve as the theater manager.

AKB Group Aichi Sakae (SKE), Osaka Namba (NMB), Fukuoka Hakata (HKT), and Niigata rise next year (NGT), and overseas Indonesia in Jakarta (JKT), in China Shanghai (SNH), respectively There is a theater, a group of dedicated exists there.

Do you think AKB are doing any type of content marketing?

First, AKB group is a member itself is content, a distributor.

Members daily content (blog, vine, twitter, Google +, 755, etc.) while creating a, has been delivered towards the fan.

Members to create content in order to realize their dreams.
For the time that she who is creating the content, salary does not occur.But she us for the realization of their dreams, himself becomes material, to provide content for free.In order to get the support from the fans, it is necessary to understand deeply their commercial value.

About 300 people AKB Group currently.
Content which 300 people to deliver every day, can not be consumed even in core fans.This is the intensity of the AKB group, which is why it can not be tired from the fan.Since the amount of information is very large, and even if they want tired can not be tired.Captured the psychology of the fans want to know all the information, it’s a good strategy.And AKB make the order to the members in the general election. This is something like a page rank analogy on Google. But it can be exposed if put to the upper to the media in the general election, as most people do not see the second page of google search, the public can only will not recognize members of winning at the top.

The content of the idol group is a song. AKB owns the original song. Akimoto Yasushi Executive producer is almost lyrics. AKB group will not be released as a single, it has also held numerous songs to show off only at the theater. When that number also include such as CM song, it is close to 1000 songs in the entire group.

Songs of AKB the Japanese know, I think most of that it singles. Since the AKB is selling several million pieces of CD, and said that making noise part of the fans, often to hear a song.

Akimoto Yasushi executive producer noticed that it is not necessary to give a new song to a group of the country.

HKT48 showed off the song “kimi no kotoga suki yaken” at Yokohama Arena. Meaning “because I like about you,” This is a version of the lyrics, it was changed to the dialect of “kimi no kotoga suki dakara” of AKB48.

Self-introduction of the song that also other “AKB48” has been handed down in a dialect version in each branch.

By adopting this approach, Lyrics of Akimoto Yasushi executive producer only change in dialect, it is to be suppressed the production costs to make a new song.

In addition, the fan does not need to learn a new song, can be swollen in the song that you are familiar usually also live in the other group, it’s just kill two birds with one stone. By localized only hits, it is possible to improve the hit probability, but kill three birds with one stone

The same is true in overseas sister group.

Below the video is one that arranged the “Midsummer Sounds good” of AKB48 and SNH48 (Shanghai).

If even try to go tomorrow in Shanghai of SNH dedicated theater without knowing that you are a SNH48, if you know that of AKB, it is possible to come alive. Since the Japan of music there is a language problem, but is said to be difficult to fashion in foreign countries, it is a technique that brilliantly clear the problem. AKB48 is a system (general election), is a network (branch operations), there is so content holders (number of many members).

In addition, below the video’s “heart-shaped virus” that song JKT (Jakarta) version of AKB. The song is sung in Indonesian, but local fans are cheering in Japanese. By the way, Haruka Nakagawa that has appeared in this video has mastered the Indonesian was traded from AKB to JKT. It is popular enough to appear in Indonesia of CM in the solo is now

While lowering the production cost of the content, method to continue to distribute it to localize the content, is one of the now challenges that global companies are facing. That I’ve cited AKB48 as an example. Content it is important that they have a universal nature.
Since the AKB is a content of the “young woman” rooted in instinct of men, there is a high possibility that world-class. Western take a strict attitude against pedophile, but in culturally tolerant Asia, there will be room for enough expansion.

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