Farmers are not taxpayers

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(most) Farmers are not earning enough to make ends meet, waiver is a political tool not created by farmers , all loan waivers till now are less than corporate subsidies, and less than NPA by big Corp houses, dont blame the poor farmer ,

  1. Nearly 52% agricultural households indebted, shows NSSO survey
  2. an average Indian farmer’s monthly income was Rs 6,426

Input cost is so high, coming to MSP read Why, despite bountiful harvest, farmers are in despair in The Hindu .

all professionals are hard working people, they also need to have some understanding of others problems, by tweeting with out any logic and commonsense you are just fanning the belief that AC room arm chair thinkers are unhelpful to any one.

lastly , sadly the real farmers who we are debating on a Social media platform are not reading your tweet nor my reply and neither of us are doing any thing to help them , but just showing the world our ignorance..

Politicians who can are I’m sure are not bothered about what you and I have to offer, so Please develop ethics of Belief .

If you dont know the issue, find it out, search before you tweet.

As the late-19th-century mathematician W. K. Clifford noted in his famous essay, “The Ethics of Belief,” ambivalence about objective evidence is an attitude corrosive of democracy. Clifford ends the essay by imagining someone who has “no time for the long course of study” that would make him competent to judge many questions. Clifford’s response is withering: “Then he should have no time to believe.”
And we might add, tweet.

Constructive criticism is most welcome.

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