Google Summer of Code’19 with PhpMyAdmin — “Refactoring and Improving Designer”

  • It will simplify HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, Ajax interactions, etc. Also, it is very powerful and easy to use
  • Since jQuery has been optimized thus, developers can do the same things in fewer lines of code.
  • Reduced load time
  • It will be more secure once we reduce the number of global variables and functions
  • Existing issues faced and reported by the users will be resolved

Project Schedule

  • Bonding with the community
  • Get more familiar with the designer section
  • Discuss the approach proposed of both the refactoring and issues, improvise based on the discussion
  • Refactor “history.js”
  • Testing
  • Document and verify it with the mentor
  • Refactor other small sized files
  • Change things as per review
  • Refactor all files other than “move.js”(2.1K+ lines of code)
  • Test work on a regular basis
  • Documentation and testing
  • Verify work from the mentor
  • Complete and submit work for phase-1 evaluation
  • Update the files based on reviews of mentor
  • Start refactoring with “move.js” file
  • Finish refactoring of “move.js”
  • Test it properly
  • Verify work
  • Refactor and make it more readable
  • Finalize whole refactoring work
  • Document and test the complete work
  • Submit work for phase-1 evaluation
  • Discuss and finalize the possible solution of all the issues with mentors
  • Makeup duration
  • Complete all the remaining work
  • Document and testing
  • Submit final work product
  • Mentors Submit Final Evaluations
  • Final results of Google Summer of Code 2019 (3rd Sept 2019)



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