GSoC PMA: Week-1

Jun 13, 2019 · 1 min read

Earlier before the GSoC results, I had a conversation with my mentor and I got to know that project (Refactoring and Improving designer) is unlikely to come as a GSoC project this year as there was less number of mentors available during the coding period. Thus I created a PR related to this project so that at least I can push the work which I have planned. Here is a link to that PR(

Later when GSoC results were out and I got selected to work on this project, I have closed the previous PR and discussed how are we gonna work on this project.

Initially, I suggested — “I am planning to create a single PR for the whole refactoring work in the designer section. Good to go?” But later on discussion with a mentor Maurício Meneghini Fauth, we decided that we can create a separate branch “gsoc-db-designer” at upstream where I can create all my PRs related to the project. Its because we don’t think it(everything in a single PR) is a good idea, as it is very difficult to review such a big pull request. And thus, it is better to open small pull requests that can be merged into the master branch or into a new branch just for this.

So finally after this discussion, I have started my work towards my first PR for my GSoC work.

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