So finally it’s here, “The final week of GSoC 2019”. At this point, we students need to submit code and evaluations and provide mentors all the details so that they could evaluate us.

On the issue “Designer should show tables from other databases by default”, this week I reached at a state where I can successfully save the coordinates and all the relevant details required to save a table in a page of the designer but the point where I was stuck was that how to print all the tables(both from the main database and the other database whose tables were added to the page). I tried a lot of things and faced many weird issues too like once when I wanted to print some variables on the page, I updated the main.twig file of the designer but no idea why, the designer page stopped loading and after a lot of efforts, I recovered this by deleting all the tables and pages data stored in the pma__pdf_pages and pma__tables_coords table of the phpmyadmin’s databases. During this issue, I tried a lthe time stayot of things and also faced a lot of issues, specially when I tried to display the tables on the page(when opened a page). I talked to my mentor Isaac regarding the same and we decided to hold it for a while and complete the other things before time. So I created a PR(incomplete as of now as the tables are being stored correctly but not retrieved correctly right now).

This issue took most of my time this week. Other than this, I submitted the evaluation, tried to finish documentation completely and look at the localStorage issue which I was facing earlier(if it works out, will make a commit soon). Now, the final results of GSoC 2019 will be announced on 3 September 2019. Let’s wait and work by the time.