GSoC PMA: Week-2

1 min readJun 13, 2019

During week-2, I have created my first PR history.js — improving performance targeted at “gsoc-db-designer” branch. It’s merged after a lot of issues and discussions. Some of the issues were:

  • Merge Conflict: It was because I started my work with the master branch and not from the already created “gsoc-db-designer” branch. Variable names were also different in this branch as compared to the master branch.
  • ESLint error: While making changes, I made a few changes at places due to which I got this error.

Finally, this PR is merged. In this PR, I have done some improvements like earlier, we were calculating the length of an array each time in a for loop but now we have stored the length of the array outside the loop and use this variable inside the loop. Thus improving the performance of the designer’s history section.

Also, in the same week, I have started and submitted work for the second PR(link to the PR which was closed due to some issues). Here in this PR, I have made some issues at the start and due to which this PR includes the commit messages of the first PR too.

For next week, I have to resolve these things and complete the rest of the work.