To resolve the issues(merging all those commits in a single one) which were there in the PR created last week, I learned how to squash and rebase(as suggested by my mentor). But still, while squashing I faced some other issue i.e. after I enter the command to squash 7 commit messages but I got 784 commits in the next window which we get after entering the command on the terminal. Since I couldn’t figure it out why was I getting this, I copied the code and made a separate PR. This PR doesn’t have any of those issues but the other few issues in this PR were the following ones:

  • Travis builds error
  • An issue with merging many lines into a single line. Finally, we divided it into a single line only but with the logical division which was existing earlier.

All these issues have been resolved as of now. In this PR, I have removed js with jQuery and merged multiple lines into a single one. Also, I have completed the documentation work until last week. Here are the links to the previous 3 blogs:

For the upcoming week, I will be refactoring and improving other JavaScript files(not move.js as the lines of code in this file is way too much) and also I will be documenting weekly report. Since we have our first evaluations from 24–28th June thus we will be finishing up with the things as soon as possible.