GSoC PMA: Week-4

1 min readJun 24, 2019


This is the last week of coding before start of first evaluations. This week is more of a make-up week with a lot of discussions with mentors so that we can complete the work for first evaluations with complete documentations.

After all these 4 weeks, all JavaScript files of designer other than move.js(the file with more than 2.1k lines of code, which will be refactored in phase-2) and all the documentations have been completed.


Pull requests created in the due time:

In this week, I also discussed and asked about some suggestions about my work from my mentor, Isaac Bennetch. Review from my mentor were good and we are now ready to go ahead for our work of phase-2. Also, I have started working on the refactoring of the file move.js of designer(phase-2 work) and created a PR for the same this week.

This is all for this week, next week will be our phase-1 evaluations and if successfully passed, lets continue from here in the phase-2.