GSoC PMA: Week-5

Jul 16, 2019 · 2 min read

Finally, the results for the phase-1 evaluations were out and I successfully passed. Thanks to my mentor Isaac Bennetch for reviewing my work and providing feedback at regular intervals.

Now for the upcoming weeks and Phase-2 work, we will firstly resolve and make the possible changes if any for the work submitted for the phase-1. Once done, we will move ahead with the refactoring and improving the file move.js of the designer section. Also, before phase-2 evaluations, I need to complete all the refactoring and improving work related to the designer section. Also, as planned, we need to resolve some issues which are already there in the designer section for the phase-3 work so it's good if we finish the refactoring work till phase-2.

That’s all the planning, now let's talk about the work done in the 5th working week of GSoC with PMA. During this week, as per reviews, one of the mentors Deven Bansod pointed out a great point which is:
while refactoring, I was changing document.getElementById(‘query_Aggregate’).style.display = ‘none’; to $(‘#query_Aggregate’).style.display = ‘none’;
There are a few things which were wrong with this like,

  • I was missing the difference between jQuery Object and DOM element. The difference is that, $(‘#selector’) returns an array of the objects whereas document.getElementById(‘selector’) returns the first DOM object that is matched with the selector.

There were a few links which I found which help me to understand this is:

During this week, I have just started refactoring move.js, so I made changes in the following format:
changed from document.getElementById(‘selector’) to $(‘#selector’)[0]
I kept rest of the things as same, i.e.
changed from document.getElementById(‘selector’).style.display = ‘none’; to $(‘#selector’)[0].style.display = ‘none’;

This is all the work done in the week-5, planning to create a PR soon related to refactoring of move.js with some partial changes so that mentors can review and provide feedback on the same so that once we are all on the same page after all the refactoring and reviews being resolved, I can easily replicate the same for the rest of the lines in the move.js.

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