What yoga really means to me

When people think yoga is all about the Instagram-able pictures – it’s much more than that

I started practicing yoga around a year ago with the aim of merely getting some exercises after work. I am not a person that stretches well. I am not one of the yogis who posts my perfect pose on Instagram. (which I do not have the perfect pose either)

To me, yoga is all about commitment and confidence. As I am never the type of person who stretches well, I was afraid of practicing yoga in front of other experienced yogis. Fortunately, the yoga teachers I met are all very supportive and encouraging. They taught me to not think about how the posture is supposed to look like. What you feel about your body and the posture is much more important in your yoga practice. Similarly, in life, we very often mind what people think or say about us. We mind how many likes we got on social media. We mind if the picture we uploaded shows the best side of us.

Yoga is beyond a type of exercise that makes you strong, it’s an attitude – it helps me to look at life in different perspectives. When you encounter difficulties in life, go to yoga and find your stillness and purpose of simply being here in the world. It is so amazing.

If you still think yoga is boring and repetitive, you can give yourself some time to try make it as a habit and find your own true meaning in yoga.

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