My Smug Congressman

By Shtemlo

I will be the first to admit that Rep. Mike Bost earned the right to gloat in my face. I was kind of an ass. I was upset that he’d been able to win without ever holding a real town hall and was unlikely to ever hold one ever again.

After the election, he responded twice to my comment: [NOTE: the two comments are hours apart, but I cut out all the comments in between.]

He also went back to a specific comment I made two days before the election and responded with this after the election.

If you scroll through the comments, you’ll notice Mike isn’t saying this to anyone else, except a handful of people who have been vocally opposed to him (the ones he hasn’t already blocked).

So Mike (or, more likely, his staff) enjoyed dunking on me for a few days after his unfortunate and sleazy victory. Fair enough. He won, I’m the vocal opposition. I guess he can rub it in my face if he wants.

But what he did today just beggars belief.

Rep. Mike Bost (IL-12) announced his next tele-town hall (the kind he does because he doesn’t like real town halls) the day before he’s holding it. In other words, he told constituents yesterday about the tele-town hall he’s holding today.

It’s reminiscent of how, just two weeks before the election, he announced his first in-person, real life, big kid town hall (that was not actually a town hall format) the day before it happened on a Wednesday afternoon.

So, yesterday I asked him about his sudden announcement on his Facebook event. This is how he chose to respond:

True story.

I’m grateful that Democrats swept the House and put Mike into the minority, where we can’t do as much harm.

But since Mike is still here, I feel like it’s important to document how he treats his constituents, both vocal opponents and otherwise. We’re an afterthought. An inconvenience.

It seems like Mike Bost only really cares about the opinions of one person: President Trump. The rest of us should feel lucky to be invited to the conversation at all.