LifeCoach #4 Happy New Year? How Long Will it Last?— article by Ila Awate

Today I remember the last year my inbox was flooded with new year messages pouring in for about a week before and after New Year’s eve.

The same happens every year, just that some of the senders are newly added and some of the old sender’s are nowhere in sight.

This is the cycle of life, what goes is for good, what comes is bound to go, and so are you and me! :)

The excitement of New Year lasts for a few days every year at the beginning and end, but what happens in between is the most important.

Are we able to carry forward the enthusiasm and love throughout the year? Or is it fizzled out by the same routine life, and I have not even started talking about new year resolutions here. We all know what happens to them! :D

I do not believe in New Year resolutions, follow or not follow them is a different case totally.

But why so?

I ask why not?

Why not make every moment special and realise that in this very moment I am new and everything around is new?

Do what you have to and you must! Don’t do what you don’t have to and must not!

How ideal if it was that simple, then the celebration would be of every moment, not just a mater of new year and other festivals!

But, is it as simple as it sounds? Yes, as per my experience mindfulness and beyond mindfulness through my Sudarshan Kriya, meditation and yoga practices has helped me deepen and enrich my experience and has brought a smile to my face every moment to every other moment.

Life has become a cakewalk and the evergreen smile has become an expression of happiness, so I resolve to be happy not just this new years’, but to be happy-every new moment- yes, to be happy is in my hands!

Talking about new year and everything that happens in between new year and the end of the year — ponder on this for a moment —

Isn’t life is between the first breath in at birth and the last breath out at death? It is our choice to be caught up in the cycles of life and death and then the cycles of years, seasons, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds? Or just rise above the cycle every moment and live life to the fullest?

Now isn’t that a higher perspective of looking at life.. Isn’t that the #artofliving?

#WorkHard #PartyHarder

When we follow fun, misery follows us..
When we follow wisdom.. Fun follows us..

#Blessed #Blissed


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