Today I remember the last year my inbox was flooded with new year messages pouring in for about a week before and after New Year’s eve.

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The same happens every year, just that some of the senders are newly added and some of the old sender’s are nowhere in sight.

This is the cycle of life, what goes is for good, what comes is bound to go, and so are you and me! :)

The excitement of New Year lasts for a few days every year at the beginning and end, but what happens in between is the most important.

Are we able to carry forward the enthusiasm and love throughout the year? Or is it fizzled out by the same routine life, and I have not even started talking about new year resolutions here. We all know what happens to them! …

How & Why CEOs can Contribute to ‘Doing More By Doing Less’

Corporates better raise their eyebrows, when the likes of Arianna Huffington who is the Chair, President, and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, openly claims that meditation and relaxation techniques, she believes, lead one to a resilient strength to see challenges as opportunities, manifold the performance quality. Meditation and relaxation techniques, also contribute to scaling the resourcefulness by imparting ingenuity. We all have witnessed the fast growth of ‘The Huffington Post’, news and blog site since it was launched in 2005. …

Let’s start with this question for example,

I am unable to spend time with my gf leaving my CAT studies, & we had a fight. Now I can’t cope with the fight or concentrate on studies. What do I do?

My Answer:

Dear one,

From what you have written it seems she loves you and wants to spend more time with you. You are very genuinely seeking a solution to balance both your CAT preparation and your girlfriend.

One thing you mentioned is you two HAD a fight. Now, the fight has already happened, consider that you have already lived through the fight and congratulate yourself that you have already coped up with it! …


If you think this is about global warming, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Well, I can take this opportunity to mention global warming and how we need to do something about it. But, that would be an external solution.

The usual over exploited phrase ‘Be the change you want to see’ and blah blah..
Definitely it is is true.. But the question is how to ‘BE’?

I would rather focus on an internal fixing!

We all love tongue twisters. ever heard of eye twisters. If we twist our vision a bit, things, people, situations seem different!

So, here is an eye twister.


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I was out on a family trip, @ Murudeshwar in Costal North West Karnatak. It was just past dawn when I decided to venture out on this breathtaking beach as is evident in the photo, well in no time, I found myself on the beach, meditating - and soon it was difficult to guess whether I was grasping the vastness within me. or was it the infinity engulfing me in its vastness.. And then suddenly, the universe blessed me with this poem, that I did not waste any time noting down.. It was a like 'Live transmission' from the divine himself .. …

Facebook Fake News
Facebook Fake News

A publication called Mississippi Herald as recently as last month created a fake news story. Even major publications like MSN got fooled and reported it. Even now at the time of writing this, the article titled “Husband and wife discover they are biological twins after IVF clinic performs routine DNA test” is still live.

Since, then according to this Inquisitr Report the original source of the story on the has garnered 14,299 shares on Facebook. The story overall has over 32000 shares on Facebook, thanks to all the publishers and readers who believed it.

The factor here is Mississippi Herald is not a registered News organization unlike the Mississippi Sun Herald whose name it has robbed. Many such Fake publishers exist on Facebook, the social media giant which doesn’t care about any of it. …

“Dear diet, things aren’t going well between us, it’s not me, it’s YOU, you’re boring, tasteless, and I can’t stop cheating on you!” All you folks who are on diet, we feel you! No actually we fell you, we know how tremendously difficult maintaining a standard and boring diet can get, It’s more like riding a bike, except the bike is on fire, you are on fire and everything else is on fire because you feel like you’re in hell.

Every one of us gone through this terrible phase when we just reluctantly dump all the sinful our heart craves for. And sticking to a particular diet plan just gets harder day by day. You feel, discomfort, uneasiness and you cannot hold on it anymore! But how about enjoying all your favourite delicacies while still staying committed to your diet? You know what? Don’t break-up, just wake-up. We’ll tell you how!

Understand your body, sweeties!

When it comes to dieting, you can’t just wake up one day and cut-short things from your daily diet, this in turn will do no good and make the situation even worse. You have to understand your body! Your body type is fundamentally depended on the metabolic activity. You are either one of these body type, Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic, Endormorphic. When your body metabolism rate is fast, you have naturally skinny limbs and your body is highly tolerant to carbs, you’re an ectomorph. When your body has a moderate metabolic rate, you’re moderately tolerant to carbs, you have a muscular and athletic body naturally; you are a mesomorph. On the other hand, an endomorphic body has a much slower metabolic rate and is broad and thick with low tolerance to carbohydrates, therefore, gaining weight faster than the former two. …

The Important & The Mundane

What are Jai & Veeru without Gabbar Singh!? (Jai & Veeru are the male protagonists in a a super duper Bollywood hit of the 70’s — ‘Sholay’, while Gabbar is the villain) or in Hollywood terms — What is Harry Potter without Voldemort

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Ila Awate (I write spiritual on Medium) (BSc Comp)

Seek her guidance(BSC Computer Science, Python, C,C++, Java, Javascript, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness) always return uplifted with deep, transformational insights.

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