The Repercussions of Voicing Oneself

Waking up with a mammoth of WhatsApp group conversations and images of silent protest propaganda as a gesture of disapproval against the thoughts of the Newsmaker, provokes me to dig deep into the intentions behind those words. Yes, I am referring to the statements of the Bollywood actor “Aamir Khan”.

A thought of insecurity of one family, is the talk of the nation. Over the past seventy two hours and more, there is only one English word “Intolerance” and only one news which is trending all forms of media and ruling all the conversations with our family, friends and colleagues. Surprisingly, even the school children, housekeeping & security workforce, the older generation, shopkeepers, milkman, bus conductors & drivers, etc., everyone has an opinion about this so called “news” of Aamir Khan and his family’s sense of insecurity.

During one of the press conference on 23rd November 2015, the Bollywood Actor, Aamir Khan voiced his thought as follows — “Kiran and I have lived all our lives in India. For the first time, she said, should we move out of India? That’s a disastrous and big statement for Kiran to make to me. She fears for her child. She fears about what the atmosphere around us will be. She feels scared to open the newspapers every day. That does indicate that there is a sense of growing disquiet”. Just like every other citizen of this country, Aamir Khan has also expressed his sense of insecurity and intolerance using the most simple, uncontroversial and modest words, straight from the heart.

In contrary to his words, the broadcast and digital media were successful in disorienting and dismantling the speech and blowing it completely out of proportion, for the most obvious reasons. A small act of freedom of speech and expression was enough for him to hit the screens in the early in the week and be the Newsmaker for the media channels, which in turn galvanized them to make ransom money. The most chaotic facet was when his speech was correlated to the dialogues and emotions of his art work and was judged by the common man, celebrities, political personalities, etc., as a traitor, intolerant, unpatriotic, fake personality, and what not. This backlash signifies that how intolerant we are towards one’s emotions and thoughts and not how intolerant he is. Horrendously hilarious to even think that, how the media along with the audience has the massive proficiency to make a mountain out of a molehill within few seconds. After all the media masala added to his words, I hope he does not regret for sharing his thoughts and next time, I am sure he would think twice before expressing himself as an artist.

As I continue to research and read the conversations on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc., about the legendary Actor Aamir Khan, my mind avows him doggedly as an individual who has always strived to give back to our society in every way possible, whether it is through his movies, television shows or any other form of initiative for the betterment of the society. Condemning him with derogatory words is absolutely baseless.
With so much coverage on this news and manufactured opinions in various media platforms, your thoughts would have already gone to defame his work and personality, and also me as a writer for offending your views. Amidst this boiling of thoughts, I would appreciate if you could pause for a second and rethink and look at the other side of the coin.

It is a wretched sight to see the whole nation, and citizens of the nation residing around the world, being judgmental about him and his family, for no fault of theirs. Apparently there are two aspects that struck me very hard. One, for the very fact that he is a celebrity; we do not have any rights to target him and ruin his reputation at any cost. Second, what are we targeting him for? The sense of insecurity and intolerance? The worry towards the safety of his children? Is it not the talk of every family residing in this land? Is it not a worry for every parent towards their children of this land? Is he speaking anything that is not happening or which is not a concern of this nation? Why can’t a person express his woe towards the prevailing doleful situation of this nation, and still love the country? Who are we to judge his statement, linking to the religion he belongs follows? How is his spiritual cognizance pertaining to his insecurity of the nation? It is unfortunate to view that people who are judging him are the people who are going through this confusion round the clock.

Pause and ponder about this. Amidst us, are those fellow citizens, who feel insecure every day and minute and wish to leave this country and settle themselves in the foreign land? Among us are those, who want to give birth to our children in the foreign land because they feel unhygienic, unsafe, insecure and disrespectful if their child is born in India? So we do not have any authority or stature to question or condemn his worry, which is directly or indirectly worry of every individual of this nation. We are sailing in the same boat as his. Just that he had the courage to express his agony, without worrying about the consequences that would impact his reputation as a celebrity.

In India, there is a vast spread of the diffusion of dogmatism disease, ruining all our thoughts and attitude. Apparently we are setting a very bad example for the upcoming generations. This is a disease which needs to be eradicated from the roots, by keeping humanity the precursor of any religion, because no religion teaches an individual to be inhuman or discriminate the fellow individuals with race, caste, creed, sex etc.

Time we sojourn the war of words and blame game. Let’s stop fraternizing religion for every issue and brutally targeting the individuals. Let’s peep into ourselves and take measures to correct this thought. If today Aamir Khan, the most powerful and renowned celebrity is having a sense of insecurity within our country, it is time to realize the depth of the concern. It is a wakeup call, to not run away or force a person to leave the nation, rather clean the gutter of our house, make the person feel the warmth and comfort within our house.

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