Meet ILY, The New Family Phone™

Ilan Abehassera
3 min readJun 23, 2015

About two years ago, I was traveling for work. It had been a long week, and I had a short break in my day. It was the perfect window to Skype with my three young kids. The time difference from New York to San Francisco often makes finding the time difficult. My kids were home. I was ready. The problem: my wife wasn’t there to connect us, and neither was her smartphone.

That’s when I knew there had to be a better way. With all the technology I have in my life, I still couldn’t video chat with my kids. And it’s about more than just me traveling. Why can’t my kids video chat with their grandparents whenever they want, or send pictures to their cousins, or call an aunt or uncle when they have something to share?

The technology exists to make this all happen. (Hello Skype and FaceTime, and smartphones and tablets.) But it’s not so simple with little kids and older generations. My kids are too young to have their own smartphones, and their grandparents aren’t as tech-savvy. So we parents become the gatekeepers, with our schedules and our devices. (My mom reminds me of this regularly.)


That’s why we created ILY. ILY gives your family — young or old — the power to stay connected.

young kids calling grand-ma using ILY.

ILY is simple for everyone to use. If my son or daughter wants to talk about their day at school or about the goal they scored at soccer, they can video call their grandma simply by tapping on her picture. They can also send photos from the device, or drawings they have created on ILY’s touchscreen. And on the flip side, my mom can voice or video call her grandchildren either on her own ILY device or by downloading the ILY app on her smartphone or tablet.


ILY is always on, always charged, and safe for kids. It connects to Wifi, and can replace your landline phone if you want. But there’s no Internet browser, so no games, websites or unsafe Internet content for kids. That means they can use it unsupervised any time they want. And the iOS and Android apps make it easy for parents who travel to connect with their families when they are on the road.


We’re thrilled that ILY is now available for pre-order on for $199 per device, and it’s available worldwide. The devices are expected to start shipping in the Fall 2015, and the ILY iOS and Android apps will be available for download then too.

Bring everyone in your family together with ILY.



Ilan Abehassera

Co-Founder and COO at Willo. Previously : Producteev acquired by Jive, and Ily acq’hired by Nucleus. Dad of 4. French roots // American heart.