Google Analytics — How to Remove Referral Spam

How to know find out if you have Referral Spam

  1. Login to your account in Google Analytics.
  2. On the left side bar, Go to Acquisition<Overview<All Traffic<Source/Medium

From here you’ll be able to view various traffic sources including referral spam. These usually have 100% bounce rate.

Create a Filtered View

  1. On the top menu, click on admin.

2. Click on view settings

3. On the upper right, click on “copy view”

4. Enter a name for your new view, you are allowed a total of 25 views.

Click on Copy View

5. On your new view, click on “Filters”

6. Click on “Add Filter”

7. Enter the filter name and choose campaign source from the dropdown.

8. From your list of potential spam referral sites, copy everything

9. And paste everything under “Filter Patern”

10. Click “Save”

Filter by Host Name

  1. On the upper left of the screen, click on “Reporting”.

2. On the right sidebar, go to Audience<Network

3. Click on “Host Name”

4. Copy your host name(s)

5. Go back to the Admin Section<Filters and click on “Add Filter”

6. Enter the Name of the filter again and select Include.

7. The dropdown field should say “Host Name”.

8. Paste the host name on the Filter Pattern field.

9. Click on Save

Notes and Reminders:

Do not edit your primary view.

You can always create a new view to be used for testing or troubleshooting.

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Originally published at on October 19, 2016.

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