Building a Growth Culture

Care Sourcer’s Dr Graham Jones (COO), Andrew McGinley (Co-Founder and Managing Director), and Ilana Munckton (Director of Growth)

Earlier this year, I started a new role as Director of Growth at Care Sourcer — a young tech startup with a talented and passionate cross-functional team.

I’m incredibly excited to be helping Care Sourcer transform the UK healthcare sector by scaling growth of our marketplace for elderly care.

So when I joined, I was eager to introduce ‘Growth’ as a discipline and start building a Growth culture.

I presented the slides below to our team, and I thought I’d share them here too. In this presentation, I introduce the basics of Product Market Channel fit, finding compound growth loops, and a continuous build-measure-learn process. I also talk about how, to me, Growth is fundamentally about leveraging cross-functional, user-centric and data-driven thinking to:

  1. Understand the customer
  2. Deliver a product that creates value for them
  3. Let them know about it

Think of this as an introduction to the fundamentals of Growth Marketing. If you’re interested in learning the basics, or if you’re looking for a way to introduce it to others, then I hope this will help!

Was this useful? Did I miss anything? Tell me in the comments!