16 Days Left to survive … Please Help The Sacred Dancers of Angkor

Sacred Dancers need a theatre in town to survive enabling them to pursue their prayers for the Peace in the World and the Welfare of all Children


The Sacred Dancers of Angkor the only troupe in Siem Reap of artists born and trained in the shadow of their temple for 10 solid years of 5 days a week, 6 hours per day in full respect of the traditional curriculum of Khmer Classical Dance, as accomplished professional artists are struggling to survive with a future seriously endangered.

Despite their credentials: HRH Princess Buppha Devi the Legend of the Khmer Royal Ballet as Patron, the Support of UNESCO, 6 fantastic weeks US Tour in 2013, an incredible successful week in Japan, countless media coverage and books dedicated to them and above all their pious spiritual dedications to 32 Angkorian Temples as far as was Phou in Laos and addressing immediately to all major world disasters with their rites and prayers.

A miracle happened as we noticed how the power of dance and music help our villagers to heal their deep psychological wounds caused by the atrocities of the genocide.

In order to give them a specific identity they received a spiritual dimension to serve their sacred land but also to send the vibes of their daily meditation and prayers around the World. For 10 years they prayed for the Peace in the World and the Welfare of all Children.

The Sacred Dancers of Angkor are children of humble villagers who were empowered to a sustainable and dignify life since 1999 by the Foundation Nginn Karet for Cambodia, in 2007 in order to give a future fit to their birthplace the first ever rural Conservatoire in Cambodia saw light, over 300 enrolled they did not know anything about dance then, 176 were retained and transformed into magnificent dancers as coming out of the stone carvings, we dared them to dream and to embrace a mission: to protect, perpetuate and promote the delicate millenium legacy of the art of dance which they did with passion and dedication.

Suddenly mid 2015 with the inflation and their coming of age we began to lose them against their will, they were morally forced to abandon their dreams to help the parents and many siblings to survive through cheap labour. Acleda bank roamed the villages and most of the families borrowed beyond their means, February 2016 we had 45 left. This is when we decided to help them help their families by giving them a monthly “salary” of $50.

Now the Sacred Dancers of Angkor are down to 31 and we are facing a crisis as below this number we will not be able to deliver the full length rare repertoires they mastered and all are committed to struggle and fight to reach their dreams to share the elegant and poignant beauty left by their ancestors on the bas reliefs of Angkor, depicting in the silent language of the gestural the epics and legends. But to do so we need your help just to get them secured for the next 8 months.

(In Buddhist countries like Cambodia children are born to serve their parents, to repay the gratefulness of their birth not like in Christian countries where parents are giving wings to their children to fly).

This crowdfunding is also to be able to give them all a salary of $100 for 8 months, buying time for me to secure and sustains their future in promoting the authenticity of their legacy in town to visitors in awe in their own independent little theatre twice a week and continue to learn repertoires and rehearse/repeat but also begin to teach the new generation of Sacred Dancers of Angkor but also to prepare further international Tours.

Please help us, help them reach their dream but also to protect and promote the authenticity of the Khmer Classical Dance.


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With all my love and support to The Sacred Dancers oh Angkor #TheSacredDancers of Angkor @TheSacredDancersOfAngkor … and Special Thanks to the Founder of the Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia, Ravynn Karet Coxen.