I think people talk too much and are too loud, in general. To be specific, I’m talking about hipster barista servers. At least in Tel Aviv, where I live, young male and female servers simply talk a lot. Much more and much louder than normal. I’m not really sure if the problem is me being all grown up and slightly impatient or if millennials hipsters are different than 90’s hipsters. Let’s face it, I was one of those 90’s hipsters and it wasn’t less ridiculous back then, but if my memory serves (which, sometimes it doesn’t, I’ll admit) it was quieter. 90’s hipsters were gloomy. They just wanted you to go away and to leave them with enough space to think about the emptiness of our existence. Millennials on the other hand, especially the servers I meet in my neighborhood cafes, are so verbal and mentally healthy in a boring and annoying way.

They often forget that the cafe is a work place, not a hub. You’ll hear them talking (loudly) about their relationships, singing (loudly), and dancing all the way to the cash register, lecturing to costumers about yoga, the vegan revolution, and holistic theories. If the coffee is bad (Good chance it will be), don’t dare to complain. if so, you might find yourself as a captive audience for some “Hipstersplaining”, and that is even more horrific than bad coffee.