Design and its social role: my thesis as a case study

This is my first story! So let me introduce myself.

My name is Ilaria and I’m a communication designer who attended Politecnico of Milan. During my years in college I have understood how much important and useful is this discipline. It is a common stereotype thinking that design is just drawing something only beautiful and colorful. Instead it means thinking and then realizing something that can solve a problem or a need.

Communication design has a really important social role today.

I discovered it completely when I designed my thesis. It dealt with food choices. I had to support people who had different needs that I dived in 3 types: medical needs (lactose intolerants for instance), religious needs (Kosher diet) & ethical and ideological ones (vegans and vegetarian).

The most important tool designed was a mobile app: its main feauture was to support these people while food shopping. They had to express what kind of food they can’t eat and and tell the level of risk if they ate that particular food too.

The app, scanning the barcode, gave as a result the the level of risk linked to eating: if the selected food contained a high-risk food, the app advised against food and gave suggestions of other food to eat.

So as conclusion, design can really support people and help them in their lives. Much more than simple graphics, don’t you think?

If you want to read all my thesis presentation (italian only, I’m sorry) you can find it here