In loving memory of Carrie Fisher: fight the bipolar stigma as she did

I wasn’t so sure to write something about Carrie Fisher, but many friends have sent me many articles about her fight and book (Wishful Drinking) against bipolar stigma.

So here I am.

Carrie says “Losing your mind, which is what happened, is a terrible thing. But once it’s gone, it’s fine. It’s completely fine because there’s no part of you left that knows the rest of it is missing.

She says she is normal, like anybody else.

She is just faster.

That is so true. When you are bipolar you are faster in everything: faster in designing projects, ideas, dreams. It may seem that you are under some magic medication that makes you a kind of super hero.

It’s true that you can fall into depression faster too.

In her book Carrie told she had a stretch of not sleeping for six days: during my years in college I could study for hours and hours, night and day, without being tired or bored. I was always happy, full of energy and good intentions. Everybody admired me for my for my commitment and willpower. In part it was.

But that what was being faster

Carrie talked candidly about bipolar disorder and her treatments and how they affected her life. She acknowledged there was still a stigma when talking about mental health, but she wanted to help fight it.

I am mentally ill. I can say that. I am not ashamed of that. I survived that, I’m still surviving it, but bring it on

As I said in my previous article, bipolar is seen as something scary, also something to be taken not so seriously. But I can say that I am ill without being ashamed too.

To fight this stigma every person with a mental illness should take the first step and first of all admit it to himself and then tell other people to be affected by a mental illness candidly as Carrie did.

The change starts from the individual.

That’s my way of surviving, to abstract it into something that’s funny and not dangerous

That’s my way of approaching too. I always make jokes about being crazy and then be able to do certain actions “Careful with that beer or I disguise myself and I become a member of Slipknot”.

Be funny, be strong, be shameless, be fierce, be irreverent.

Be faster. Be you.

You will be always in our hearts and minds bipolar princess.