What is LApps?
The applications which are taking payment through Lightning Network(LN) for the services provided are called LApps. Today Lightning Network(LN) is available for Bitcoin and Litecoin. To understand more about the LN, See here.

To build our own LApps, we need to have own Lightning Node or account with Lightning Payment provider ( like OpenNode, BTC Pay). In this tutorial, we are going to help and show you how to build your own LN powered application using Lightning Payment provider OpenNode by referencing an LApp Satoshis.Pictures.

Getting Started

1. Create an account with OpenNode:

1.1. Create an account with OpenNode.
1.2. Once it is ready, go to Settings > Integrations > Under API Keys, click on +Add key button. A popup window appears for the input of Label and Permission. Based on application need, choose the correct permission and click on the Generate button.
1.3. Now API key is generated with given permission and appears on the screen to copy and save. It will be shown only once on the screen. So have it saved. Now we are ready with our LN account and API key to integrate with the application to take Lightning Payments. …

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