TensorFlow Tutorial— Part 1

Illia Polosukhin
Nov 19, 2015 · 3 min read

Why do I care?

Simple model for Titanic dataset

pip install numpy scipy sklearn pandas
# For Ubuntu:
pip install https://storage.googleapis.com/tensorflow/linux/cpu/tensorflow-0.8.0-cp27-none-linux_x86_64.whl
# For Mac:
pip install https://storage.googleapis.com/tensorflow/mac/tensorflow-0.8.0-py2-none-any.whl
git clone https://github.com/ilblackdragon/tf_examples.git
>>> import pandas
>>> data = pandas.read_csv('data/titanic_train.csv')
>>> data.shape
(891, 12)
>>> data.columns
Index([u'PassengerId', u'Survived', u'Pclass', u'Name', u'Sex', u'Age',
u'SibSp', u'Parch', u'Ticket', u'Fare', u'Cabin', u'Embarked'],
>>> data[:1]
PassengerId Survived Pclass Name Sex Age SibSp
0 1 0 3 Braund, Mr. Owen Harris male 22 1
Parch Ticket Fare Cabin Embarked
0 0 A/5 21171 7.25 NaN S
>>> y, X = train['Survived'], train[['Age', 'SibSp', 'Fare']].fillna(0)
>>> X_train, X_test, y_train, y_test = train_test_split(X, y, test_size=0.2, random_state=42)
>>> lr = LogisticRegression()
>>> lr.fit(X_train, y_train)
>>> print accuracy_score(y_test, lr.predict(X_test))
>>> from tensorflow.contrib import learn
>>> import random
>>> random.seed(42) # to sample data the same way
>>> classifier = learn.LinearClassifier(n_classes=2,
feature_columns=learn.infer_real_valued_columns_from_input(X_train), optimizer=tf.train.GradientDescentOptimizer(learning_rate=0.05))
>>> classifier.fit(X_train, y_train, batch_size=128, steps=500)
>>> print accuracy_score(classifier.predict(X_test), y_test)

TF.Learn (previously Scikit Flow)

Coming up…

Illia Polosukhin

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Co-Founder @ NEAR Protocol - leading mobile blockchain revolution. I'm tweeting as @ilblackdragon.

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