Nice tutorial Illia Polosukhin. Thank you. Do you have any suggestions for exponential decay?
Nathan Bluvol


Good point, updated there with correct usage:

def get_optimizer():
def exp_decay(global_step):
return tf.train.exponential_decay(
learning_rate=0.00001, global_step=global_step,
decay_steps=100, decay_rate=0.97, staircase=True)
# use customized decay function in learning_rate
return tf.train.AdagradOptimizer(

or just:

def get_optimizer():
return tf.train.AdagradOptimizer(
learning_rate=0.00001, global_step=tf.contrib.framework.get_global_step(),
decay_steps=100, decay_rate=0.97, staircase=True))

Hope this helps!

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