Animation Industry The Booming Career For New Digital India

Apr 30, 2019 · 3 min read

In the digital era, if there’s one field that has suddenly leaped to huge growth and is going to continue its boom phase, then that’s animation.

In the past few years, the applicability of animation has literally touched every other sector. Animation and graphics are there in advertisements, films, television and now the digital media.

The Present Scenario of the Animation Industry at a Glance –

· India’s animation, VFX and post-production segment will reach INR 127.6 billion by 2021.

· By 2021, the animation sector alone is predicted to reach Rs 24.4 billion.

· For domestic broadcasting, the need for animation is growing at a rate of 30%

· Indigenous animation projects like ‘Motu Patlu’, ‘Chota Bheem’, ‘Shiva’ etc have received huge popularity.

· Indian VFX companies are providing services to international studios.

· Indian producers have expanded their spending on VFX budget. It now constitutes 15–20% of the total budget.

· Sony recently launched a channel with 100% locally produced animated content.

Future Possibilities

· Netflix may invest US$ 1.1 billion on animated content.

· Amazon may spend 300 million.

· These budgets may go up by 15% of the total budget by 2021.

· India’s Union Cabinet in February 2018, identified animation as one of the 12 champion sectors.

The Need of Right Talent

A FICCI 2019 report said, “Skills for storyboarding and storytelling for animated content and understanding the tone and complexities of characters for the global audience will become an important point of differentiation. If the segment can identify the right talent and train them appropriately, India could become a preferred destination for a lot of content creators”.

And to create such talents the right kind of animation courses are needed to be designed. A degree course of B.Sc in animation and multimedia would help to create the right kind animation artists who would specialize in creating character animation and content as per global standards.

The ideal animation courses would include the following essentially in their design curriculum –

· 2D and 3D Technology

· Emphasis on character animation

· Web Designing through Dreamweaver

· Graphics through Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop

· Brand Design

· Portfolio Creation

· Infographics and Motion Graphics

The career options that are open to you after completing B.Sc in animation and multimedia are –

· Graphic Designer

· Digital Artist

· Web Designer

· 2D and 3D Artist

· Flash Animation

· Character Animation

· Matte Painting

· Technical Direction

· Game Designing

· Compositor

· VFX Artist

· Texturing Artist

· Game Designer

· Visualizer

· Multimedia

· 3D Modeler

· Story Board Artist

· Flash Designer

There are ample opportunities in the animation sector. So if you are aspiring to become an animation artist, have a knack towards drawing and also are a tech-savvy, check out the best animation courses in India and make sure you go with the ones that have the most contemporary and industry oriented curriculum as per global requirements.

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