ALC twenty17 — Done and Dusted!

Credit: rushhourdaily

It started in March and was supposed to last for four(4) months. I had received emails,… I was part of the Android Learning Community.

But just before that, my first introduction to Android Development, (a few months ago) was to help some friends develop an app for their mini-project at the Uni. Well, I had nothing to loose, on the contrary it was an opportunity to make some money (at least that was how I learnt C# and made money). I watched some video tutorials, and I felt I could give this a shot. And yes, I did! But guess what, could’t go farther than installing Android Studio. Some gibberish after several installations I couldn’t fathom. I had met my Waterloo. Like some folks would say, “this was my last bus-stop.”

Fast forward >>

March 2017 — another shot at Android development.

As a software developer intern, there wasn’t the luxury of time to venture into something else, but the mails kept coming in — ALC. One day at work, at leisure, I decided to check out the Udacity courses. Woah! This was easy! But still, there just wasn’t time available for that (I was occupied with office work). Swept ALC under the carpet.

Fortunately, unfortunately and fortunately.
May 2017, I stopped my internship to go for NYSC (a one-year-long service to the nation after Uni) only to find out the next day that I wasn’t part of the first stream. Alas! I’d already had a send-off at work.
Waiting to get called on for NYSC, I remembered something was left under the carpet. There you go — my ALC all dusty. I Cleaned up, joined my team’s group chat and got myself on the boat(with only about a month left to submit the final project).

The Udacity Android lessons were easy to grasp, from views to interactivity to OOP. All well explained with examples — pellucid. Some programming concepts are clearer now, the OOP paradigm — beautiful.
I finished the projects and submitted before the deadline.

Thanks to Udacity, @googleafrica and Andela Nigeria.