Isn’t that growth mindset?


So, Obinna had just come back from a Computer Training Institute which served as his Internship (SIWES/IT). He had learnt web development or better still, he was taught how to build websites.

Resuming back at school, we shared our individual IT experiences. Chike Spoke about his learning experience, he was a pseudo-developer (no pun intended). Kolade learnt PHP programming language (and he came back typing really fast, thanks to Mavis Beacon).

How about me? I had my internship in a networking firm — routers, switches, screwdrivers, and masts. Yeah, I recall having to mount a radio on a mast on a fateful day and these guys (area boys in Nigerian vernacular) came around pulling the rope that was tied to the radio. Thanks to Bose (my colleague) who was friends with our area boys. The …rest is history.

Here I was listening to Obinna’s report about Javascript and jQuery. Whoever says “don’t learn javascript, learn jquery”? Well, there you go. That was all I needed to hate Web Development — the right information.

I told myself I could not learn web development by laughing at web developers. I called them ‘web designers’ (you know that term right?). I was fixed about it! I had taught myself to hate not just web development, but also one of the greatest inventions ever — the Web!

Months, probably years later, I got to meet some other folks, got to hear some other things, attended several meetups, even watched several TV series. Wait, what have I done!? I opened my mind to the realities. What was I fighting? It was like the fight between Java developers and PHP developers.

I repented and picked up HTML. Woah! It was like a sharp knife going through hot butter (Aye le o, ibosi oo 🙆🏽). Next was CSS 😖, and then Javascript 😩.

Have I stopped learning? Nope! I can pick up anything and learn it, so long as I don’t have a fixed mindset.

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