Blockchain is changing the world. By shifting from centralized services to distributed ones, we can not only create new products but also augment existing ones. You don’t need to be an expert to make a decentralized application, and you surely don’t need to tackle the difficult technical issues even if you are one.

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Jump Genesis, hosted by Founders and Jump, is a startup competition focused on empowering students at UIUC to think about entrepreneurship in a new light: with decentralization in mind. …

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Osazomon Imarenezor pitched the idea of Slayd at 54 2016

Last year, 54’s first place team brought together students from all across campus united by their dedication to make an idea related to cosmetology a reality. Slayd met Friday night, and left Sunday having secured 1st place with their impressive work. This included a user survey that generated around 300 responses that helped shape their product and pitch to the panel of judges.

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Lucy Chang, an Anthropology major at UIUC

Lucy explains that she was about to leave because she thought she won’t be useful due to a lack of programming experience, but decided to stay because she found Slayd. She shares how

“participating opened up a whole new world that I thought wasn’t accessible to me because of my major and skillset. 54 helped launch me into the world of innovation that has really shown me the importance of diversity in skill sets and ability to adapt and learn.” …

Founders and College Entrepreneur here with another team profile. Every week we’ll be providing you with a profile on a UIUC student startup. This week, we’re chatting with Joe and Evan from Activity Assist.

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Activity Assist is a K-12 platform that automates permission slips & school payments for field trips, proms, and sporting events. …



Founders is a student entrepreneurship organization at the University of Illinois. Our mission is to expose students to entrepreneurship.

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