He called in july and said ‘hey man, we have a documentary assignment, we want you to work with us’ and added ‘this will be a different experience…’

I must admit that my first thoughts were like ‘not this again’ or ‘what? documentary?’ even worst ‘I am a big shot photographer, I am way to good for that kind of crap. Besides I didn’t do video work for more than a year’ well, jokes on me, and screw me.. Maybe its the effect of chokingly hazardous istanbul ‘high end(?) photography community’ like its showering on us by exta-skinny chicks, with very very ‘T. Richards’ way of abstract way. So I thoughed ‘I gotta get out of this hole of black skinny jeans and bball jerseys polluted by lifes that looked like only created for instagram’

Gave a call to my love, told her I am gonna be away for a week, she said go for it,

Than I said YES !

Girdev Plateau — Seydikemer — Mugla — Turkey (not over-tweaked contours but humid)

Said yes to the documentary and my journey began. I had the get out of this city and step on lands that I never been,

For instance I went to Girdev Plateau which is 2800 mt high, no electricity nor cell signal.

I have met that guy,

He has a small fresh water pool filled with fat bass fishes. By cooking them for visitors like us, he adds, ‘fish bait is way too expensive, it takes time to arrive, I have 400 sheep I feed my fish with sheep cheese’

OK! reminder, have you ever had the chance to taste bass fish fed by exclusively sheep cheese! I had! glad I said yes!

- ‘if you whistle on right tone, herd relaxes, goes to best herbs and grasses…’ He seem like the man of his work..

Girdev Plateau was not the highlight of my trip, but it gave me awesome images,

By the summer, water withdraws and it pretty much looks like this, locals said there is knee high snow in winter and its impossible to get there before april
wonderful wonderful quality of light on this altitute


The Yörüks,also Yuruks or Yorouks (Turkish: Yörük, Greek: Γιουρούκοι, Bulgarian:юруци, Macedonian: Јуруци), are a Turkish group of people,[1] some of whom arenomadic, primarily inhabiting the mountains of Anatolia and partly Balkan peninsula. Their name derives from the Turkish verb yürü- (yürümek in infinitive), which means “to walk”, with the word yörük or yürük designating “those who walk, walkers”

Wiki said enough on top, here are some pictures,

These traditionally dressed local men dances on weddings or special events… and oh, they are both 70 years old. Think about that next time when someone thinks you look 4–5 years younger than what you already are..
Alert authorities when you spot an awesome gentleman… (I have to stop focusing on noses)

Local musicians were also in present, but I was interested on this man,


I love point and shoot, not the camera wise, please don’t get me wrong, shots where you just don’t give a damn about composition, focus etc. I just like the fact that they sometimes come up pretty damn good,

I don’t want to act like a douchebag or something, but that picture below, might be one of my ‘the shots’

remember the whistling shepherd who happened to farm the the most awesome bass fish ? thats her daughter on staggering @f1.2 (lucky focuses)

I had the chance to meet the oldest person that lives there,

99 years of lines, carved on her wonderful face… (two different shots, no crop)


I loved that place !!

Did I mention that I said yes? okay, because I said yes, and because I was working for a documentary, I had the priviledge to go to Saklıkent — Seydikemer-Mugla-Turkey with two private guides, 2 hours prior visitor opening. With the average of 3500 visitors per day (which goes up to 7000), it would be impossible to take the shots I took.. Ok, even 2 hours were not enough but, screw it ! I had the place to myself!

I experimented, I tried to embrace the texture and the contrast

Consistency is important on a task..

When sheer force of water hits that canyon by rain, water levels rises up to 20 meters in such an amount of density and saturation; that my elementary school level math is way to incapable to calculate in hydro physics… let me put it in that way, two people died here last year because of that..

Still that sheer force gifted me by these scenery,

don’t get your camera wet
oh those completing curves
Water carving that stones all these years, created a unique masterpiece behind (no hdr, 400iso f8 bracket -1.0.1 to have more exposure option)

Force of water was capable to throw these little car size rocks on weird places,

Say Hello to my very large friend… said our guide, and he also said ‘this rock was not here last summer’
my girlfriends first impression about this was : ‘is that the famous rock from 147 Hours’

Heaven of random textures, mass and contrast

Here is the rest,

Last Words,

Glad I said yes to this job, it was an eye opener, had no agency to deal with, had no customers to please while I was taking those shots, pure own pleasure, pure imaging experience, I will never sell those, I will keep them to myself and to you,

You will see no words that explains meaning of my images. Never been never will, I will enjoy those, while you will too,

From my heart to yours, from my sight to yours. Pure, unpolluted, just like the whistle of the shepherd..

Here is a Yörük song, for last punch,

“I imagine that yes is the only living thing.”
E.E. Cummings

See you on next adventure…