because it left it’s in me

Here we are front of the gate of Sagra de Familia

Decision was made back in february (valentines day to be exact) a friends crisis became our journey somehow. I am not a man of unplanned decisions, 30 minutes were between decision and purchasing tickets. So far it became one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I didn’t look at travel pictures online about barcelona, I left my planning to my girlfriend and our friend who companied us in this trip. I wanted to be suprised, I didnt want some previously taken image to show up back on back.

I wanted to be me.

Yes the food is off the grid !!

If you follow me to prior (which you probably do not), you should know that I die for the food! I love it, I love eating it, I love to preciate its holyness and merge of aesthetics, taste, time, work,wisdom.

But I love most taking pictures of them (sure before I taste the whole thing)

Squidfish in el xampanyet

Unfortunately the culture of tapas is quick, order-eat-go it somehow left the sense of very quality (I’m back since two days and I already missing that taste) made of fast food…

Taking food pictures on this trip was little tricky, lack of light and place (yes most of the places are poorly illuminated and very tight) was a bust, so I only took few pictures of what we ate, sorry what we blessed with.

The best tapas places by far was Quimet&Quimet and I was way too bust by rolling those culinary miracles down, so I wasnt able to take any pictures there (at least not with my 5D but I took some with 35mm 1000f and 120mm holga but for that we should wait for developing)

el xampanyet might be the best tapas bar in city (no not the best, best is Quimet&Quimet)
Oh man!
Gals enjoying their tapas with a glass of Pacharan (sorry el Xampanyet you might be missing something)

el Xampanyet is also a cosy small tapas bar where the food is so good, it makes you want to leave the premises and puts a giant smile on your face.

If you search about la Boqueira online one of the first suggestions you get is Pinoxo, well here is the bad news its not as good as you have been told. It is good doh, but after you eat in Quimet&Quimet and el Xampanyet you’ll see what I want to tell you…

We have been told that baby squids with beans were Pinoxo’s speciality

I would personally recommend to walk around and taste the food around (with catalan beer)

la Boqueria is full of awesome food, not only meat, also plenty of (very fresh) sea food

For paella, I recommend “Can Sol” but everyone agrees on best paella comes out from Valencia.

in can sol tapas for 2 is more than enough for 3 persons.. fyi

I also should not skip Can Culleretes and La Paradeta, although Can Culleretes is an awesome culinary experience, La Paradeta is maybe not that crazy on culinary technique and finesse but seafood is out of mind fresh (practically still moving). Be sure that you show up around opening times for all the restaurants you choose to go, otherwise will be waiting forever.


makes you feel like in a stomach of a giant lobster, looking up..
a paradise for photographers

Do not come back from Barcelona if you didn’t visit La Sagrada Familia


Of course by break I mean “not walking”

And keep on walking..

Ola Chicas ! are your bag zips are sealed and secured ??


Designed by Gaudi, Casa Battlo offers an interesting few hours for archi-nerds, and it has an interesting aV tour guide!

Be sure to be there early or purchase tickets online, it gets too crowded!

like if you see the skulls
Unfortunately I was out of charge only few pics I can share with you (what a rookie mistake)


Barcelona (for me) was not city of colors but textures, I really really enjoyed b&w photography around the city, for me it was dirty, old, narrow, warm, welcoming and sincere…

Your bnb rental might look a little creepy
corridors that connects streets are simply mesmerising
a shaky mistake is also good
because thats why

Oh Barça you are already missed

Last but not least, I wanna thank that two awesome girls for the trip!

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