Plan B

And few advantages of Ai-Servo focus mode

Last week I was in Antalya/Kemer province on assignment for an international French Hotel chain, and my client specifically told me that pool activities along others are very important for them and added; ‘we really want to show that people have fun’.


Play that wet tune deejay!

But I recently try to go for a second project in my mind while I am on assignment, I believe its very important to feed artsy fartsy side of me in ways of creating images, lets face it, commercial photography can be a little bit of a buzzkill sometimes. But in this particular situation , I had absolutely no Plan B. All I wanted to to finish the assginment, and maybe to get some sort of story on the way, but this time, story came to me, okay not a real documentary or photojournalism story, but I still like those images that came to my hands.

Adding water in to the water seems like an really fun idea.

No professional models, actually no models whatsoever, I had to do my best, because of constantly moving objects I had to change my focusing mode to Ai Servo (I have a canon 5D MKii), kept my aperture fairly low, so I could sync my shutter speed to other objects around me and minimize motion blur but still get some dof range.

a pool romance

I have shot those images in my last day and it was raining middle of summer, weather was overcast, shadows were almost even, but no color!

So why not going with the black and white, like I wrote on my earlier posts, its always an out of box idea to feed you customer with few unusual images,like these, it will create a variety on your images and make you more memorable on potential projects.

Well here we come to the real subject of this blog, Ai-Servo Focus Mode mostly common for focusing objects coming close to camera or going further from the camera, for some of those shots I used f2.8 and for this shallow dof I had no chance to focus and refocus manually while I shoot these,

But Ai-Servo actually suprised me by focusing on small things…

Focusing on water drops for example (very vey impressive for 6 year old piece of technology)
Even sharper on water drops
let the bodies hit the pool…


It needs to be colorful and blue and fun right, nope, sometime contextual contrast fed my just a few small tricks can make the difference.

I will shortly share the results of real assignment, and a retouch of a wedding waits on work process plus a video edit of a documentary..oh man..

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