How to be ConfidanCE ?

Confidence it just like a stone. You must to be strongest to be like that. Stone so hard to defeated, need years and years to got defeated stone with your hand even just a water. Same like stone, confidence build step by step to get strongest. Need Brave, Discipliness,mentality and technical approve every single day to build it. Not only that stone is never easy to move. so you must to be selfishness to be like stone.
 So many people things to be stone ( like : stubborn ) it’s not good enough. Even tough thats make you build confidence mentality. Not many people can disturb or mess up your life. Definition selfishness in this case is positive way. Different with selfishness in negative way who always try to get more and more something. Sometimes we just too easy to be broken for somebody opinion who is not necessarily true or exactly what we need.
 For what we must being confidence ?
 In the hard life we always find a people who want control you and make you down. That’s happened every single day. In study, selling, bussiness, working we meet all day who not disagree with our purpose.
 Should we take it ? or avoid it ?
 It’s not exacty we reply or avoid it at the end the attitude we can gave . because its not that way we must life in this world. Go back to care or loving and give they oppurtunity also not true we do.
 Then what should we do ?
 Build yourself to be strongest until we meet the way what we want. in other words we dont giving a fuck with they want. But waiting until the good way opened to do what attitude we can give for all situation.
 Why we must wating ?
 Stone create not to be broken ( etc : broke into pieces ) . Do you know what time to create strong stone ? need a thousand years time to get it. That’s why waiting it’s part of stone.
 And then what we must to do to build a stone ?
 1. Build a mentality and personallity to be selfhisness in your own
 2. Now exactly what you want .
 3. Only listen the opinion who build you to be strongest
 4. Let others to hate you
 All that’s way must be build and being in used every single day in your life. Brave, Discipline, Mentality what yoy do is the key to get best result of your confidence.
 3 August 2017 . Pati . Jawa Tengah

Ilham Habibie