“ Dictator who full of shit “

Agustus 03, 2017

In This people of to many country have differferent stories. Like in europe have dilema with another Country, USA have dilema, even in the North Pole who dont have many people have difficult situation.
 Why that can be happened? because people person learn something about everything they need lessons. They can learn something about process for keep living around the world. Ma

particular situation make people smart,humble,strong,believe for everything they want can get. But we believe it’s not easy to get it. Only few people who control the world get it what they want easier.
 How people had do that ? Because the Dictator or The king of the world want make rules the world by the hand of himself. They want mostly people to make not get easier for their life. The Dictator want selfishness about controlling the world. They things the world is my own.
 That’s story i tell like in Quran Muslim of book like Fir’aun want. They want control and managing the world to get everything what they need even only one of clothes poor people in used. That’s so dangerous for the world if the Dictator or The King be somebody in this world. People can be so selfishness more instantly to get what they want.
 The solution is dont make opportunity to Dictator or The King to control the world. If they rules the world, Many people cannot do the right things of the shit exactly must doing in this world. We all hope there is no Dictator or The King who want control the world by her own.
 2 august 2017 , Pati . Jawa Tengah

Ilham HAbibie

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