With your Imagination you can change the world “ Steve jobs founder of Apple speech in one of stage. even Albert Einstein the crazy and smartest in the world say it “ Imagination it’s important then your knowledge “. The statement it’s true but it can be happened only for genius people who really have passion to build something in this world. They the genius people can make his imagination into something real in their life. That’s made a long process to really really happened. Failure and confusion take control themself.
 So where the imagination come ?
 That’s come in the deep inside of brain. Combine endorfin and serotonin inside the brain, And the trigger is unconsius mind be a map of the input of what we looks, what we touch, what we smell, and what we feel in tounge.
 The truth genuine imagination came in.
 When in f

act all who came in your mind is fake, only your illution from inside the brain. So dont trust that mind because can make you disapointed for long time because it all just a dream.
 And then What the imagination who real ?
 Real imagination come with your logical thingking not your feeling. Because logical thingking made a mind map step by step to make it things happened. Like you imagine a drive Ferari car. If you thingking by your feeling, your mind map give oppurtunity to open all situation only make it you happy if you ride it (like ; dreaming ). Or you beieng sad of something about your imagination. That’s different if you thingking by logically . You will thingking How i can have it this car and ride it. So in this case the genuine imagination for this life from logically thingkings.
 How to prove your logically thingking right ?
 1. Clarification , The genuine logical thinking start with clarification. You must indeed to know that the imagination it’s from fact or real situation you can have it. so that’s not start from your dream.
 2. Explanation, You must know exactly what you want. Because the genuine imagination it’s tell you with principle who trully the truth. not anger of false principle.
 3. Judgement, Dont judge to early what exactly you decide with your imagination. The genuine imagination came in your mind with clear mind. Decide on step by step process that’s a real happened.
 4. Problem solve, The genuine imagination will always solve the problem . Instead making you of fall or the bad situation you can get.
 5. Reasoning, The last important things the Genuine imagination have a strong reason why you must to do it .
 Hope the all share who i give. Give a understood for you to know the different of fake imagination with genuine imagination
 6 august 2017 , Pati — Jawa Tengah

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