Shared Death — Web-based participatory artwork

View from exhibition.

The Statement

What do people say about death? What happens when we use tweets to represent the notions from death such as inhumation, condolence house, and gravestones?

The Project

It is a web-based application which shows in real time shared tweets that contain words like ‘death’, ‘dying’ from Twitter. Its purpose is to help people understand how other people thinks and feels about death — the shared destiny of all living things on the planet.

Making of

It runs on Heroku, coded with Node.js and uses Twitter Streaming API. Project is developed for a course project and its supervisor is Ekin Kılıç.


With the help a computer connected to the internet and a screen, project was exhibited at CerModern Hub Art Space between January and March 2014. Exhibition title was ‘Ambiguous, Drunk, Dog!’ (‘Müphem, Sarhoş, Köpek!’). Various artist participated in this exhibition. It was curated by Kitschen Contemporary Art Initiative.

inhumation view from the app.

You can visit the project via this link: