Demo of addon for Narva Battle App powered by Arkit

Arkit is great step for everyone who working over growth the augmented reality to discover for everyone new information environment.

In 2014, Piligrim XXI launched the world’s first outdoor augmented reality park, and today a network of 8 such parks with a total area of 7,700 ar operates in 6 countries.

Since 2015, PiligrimXXI has been actively investing its own funds in research in the field of distributed GIS system, Augmented Reality technologies, 3D simulations, Computer vision and Artificial Intelligence.

​We are launching an ITO in order to start the process of generating Digital Land as early as 2019. The first digitized territories will appear in the 10 largest cities in the world — New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Rome, Mexico, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Barcelona.