Differences makes us human being, why the intentions of erase it.

I strongly aware of our differences, all what makes us look, and feel odd when comparing ourself with somebody else. This is something that has comes with all of us,and we can’t escape from. Society badly wants to close the gap between racial differences and sexual differences, but it doesn’t understand that as much as we want to equalled society as much as we separated from each other. It may sound like a very negative perspective of the united world, but I may say better to be realistic.

The reality is that society respect human racial differences because the law punished it, but in the soul and heart of people, opinions/judgements are raised all the time, and it sits waiting to be brought on. This is because we all are different from each other, the beauty of it is just an utopia. But, how do we start living together without hating our differences, without trying to ignore it or erase it from society? Living respecting, and honouring the surrounding people you live with will makes us part of each other, and the acceptance will come with the time when the paradigms are broken, and each culture create their own clean path for new generation, clearing the name of the culture they carried, with good actions.

Do not expected to be loved because the times you have suffered, stop being the victim, and leave the past behind you. Every day you must showed your humbling heart, and you will recorded a new memory in those who were wrong about you.

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