When a job transformed you into something else.

You become unrecognised, the tone of your voice, the way you look, your steps when approaching someone. Absolutely everything isn’t part of you, but part of what you are becoming. Jobs are defining us, and promptly transforming us, for good or for bad.

The question is what are we getting transformed to? It’s almost imperceptible, but it’s there somehow. I love my job, have you heard that? How do you love it? It’s complicated but certainly real. The challenges motivates me, its almost like a toxic relationship hate-love.

The objective in life should be to find happiness, and every day we should aim to it, to not forget the target. Stay in a place where you find peace and happiness, at least for moments, not in a place where mostly of the times you feel useless or completely frustrated. Do not let jobs to transform you into something else, if you can’t managed to do that, its time to take a decision further, no fear.

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