I remember you saying “Crush ko yung boyfriend mo, (smiling) moreno ha.” I also remember you saying “Ituloy mo pag dodoctor mo ha? Gusto kita makitang naka puti at may stethoscope.” I remember how I told you “Nanay di pa pwede ha makikita mo pa ako na nakacoat eh.” Nanay, You’re in another world now. A much much better place than this earth. Your pain and sufferings ended already. But these memories seemed like it only just happened. Haaay, the things I’m willing to give up just to spend another day with you; I just wish I could’ve spent just a day with you before you rested. Telling you everything. Listening to you. I remember you giving me a bottle of milk and softly caressing me to sleep. I remember you saying what you wanted for us. Nanay, I miss you, every single day. I remember you letting me put make up on your wrinkled skin; You cooking our food requests just to spoil us. Nanay it’s sad, it makes me sad because I want to see you as you see me with that white coat but that will never happen now. I know how badly you wanted it to happen. I’m on my way there nanay. Just wait and see. When that day comes, I know you’ll be smiling down on me from heaven. I know you’ll be telling your fellow angels there that I’m your grand daughter. I remember how you were so proud of us even with just little achievements. This wound I have ignored several years now is aching again. Pieces of me that you have brought with you will never return back, but if it’s the way for you to remember me in heaven, I’d be willing to be this incomplete for you. I love you nanay.

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