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Illustrated examples of how and why to use and adopt the BERT-like models in the industry

The “new normal” in AI

“After two days of intense debate, the United Methodist Church has agreed to a historic split — one that is expected to end in the creation of a new denomination, one that will be “theologically and socially conservative,” according to The Washington Post.”

You might be wondering what this bizarre and trifling text has in common with AI, but in fact, it does. It is one of the news articles generated from the biggest ever and most sophisticated neural network, namely the GPT-3. If the text befuddles you, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Only 12% of the pundits…

Illustration, implementation, and animation of the elementary cellular automata in Python with Matplotlib

Cellular automata. Image by Author.

Automation epitomizes the last few decades of rapid technological development where many processes take place without human intervention. But what exactly does it mean?

Automaton (noun):

  • : a mechanism that is relatively self-operating
  • : a machine or control mechanism designed to follow a predetermined sequence of operations

These are the two most common definitions of the word automaton, related to the word automation, automatic or automatically.

In the very same sense, as you might already know, one automaton is always in some precise and unequivocal state. It transitions to another precisely defined state given some instruction. We can visually represent…

Not an ordinary function, animating the zeros of the Riemann Zeta function in Python using Matplotlib

Teaser image for the Riemann Zeta Function containing equations and plots
Image by Author. Rieman Hypothesis

Perceived as the “holy grail” of mathematics, the Riemann Hypothesis which revolves around the Riemann Zeta function provokes fascination and admiration. Its solution paves the way in predicting the pattern in which the prime numbers occur, the building block of mathematics.

The Riemann Zeta function is quite simple. It is defined as:

Illustrated examples of the Riemann-Stieltjes Integration in Python with Matplotlib

Illustration representing the principle of the Riemann-Stieltjes Integration
Riemann-Stieltjes Integrals Concpetually

Integrals are more than just the sum of its parts! Well, let’s not exaggerate. In their most fundamental definition, they are only a sum of infinitely many rectangles under the curve of some function f over some interval [a, b] for a, b ∈ ℝ. However, solving and numerically approximating them is lots of fun and besides that, they are quite useful in applied sciences.

In the previous blog dedicated to the integrals, we went through the most basic form of integration, namely the Riemann Integral. …

iGenius Machine Learning Engineer, Vladimir Ilievski, explores how to overcome the difficulties of data augmentation in NLP

Data is everything in AI.

It is one of the most important premises on which tremendous effort is invested. As data is such a scarce resource, it is worth researching how to leverage the existing data in order to produce even more data. In other words, doing more with less.

The data augmentation consists of a set of techniques that handle the process of automatically generating high-quality data on top of the existing data.

For example, if we have a set of images, we can perform dozens of operations on every image: rotate, scale, shift, crop, change color intensities, etc.

What are fractals and how to make your own?

Matplotlib visualization showing complex numbers
One interesting lattice in the complex plane showing Julia Set members

Disclaimer: This post was originally published by me on the official Matplotlib’s Blog.

Imagine zooming an image over and over and never go out of finer details. It may sound bizarre but the mathematical concept of fractals opens the realm towards this intricating infinity. This strange geometry exhibits the same or similar patterns irrespectively of the scale. We can see one fractal example in the image above.

The fractals may seem difficult to understand due to their peculiarity, but that’s not the case. …

Animated Visualization of the Riemann Numerical Integration in Python with Matplotlib

Teaser image showing numerical integration using Riemann Sums in Python visualized with Matplotlib
Riemann Integration

The integral is not so complicated as it seems to be. It is one of the fundamental and universal tools in mathematics allowing us to calculate the area or the volume of any arbitrary body. It is one of the cornerstones of mathematics having a multitude of applications in many disciplines.

The Riemann Integral is the simplest form of integration, yet it lays down the foundation of all other types of integrals. It offers a rigorous method for approximating the area under the curve of some function f over some interval [a, b]. …

Geometric Brownian Motion in Python with Matplotlib

Teaser image for Geometric Brownian Motion, showing equations and plots with logos
Geometric Brownian Motion

Our intuition can be easily twisted with a simple thought experiment. If someone offers you a million dollars at once or gives you a penny that doubles every day for a month, what would you choose? The choice is yours, but I would suggest choosing the penny.

What is important in the previous puzzle is that our doubling penny follows a geometric progression law. It is the law of expressing changes in terms of previous states in a multiplicative manner. …

Greenhouse gas reduction, technology adoption and digital transformation, more open education system and science.

Photo by Matt Noble on Unsplash

The world is shaken and something strange is happening. Humankind instantly accelerated its movement towards the goals set for the distant future. And all of this is due to the tragic coronavirus crisis.

Some of these far-distant goals are greener environment, technology adoption for a better society, digital transformation as well as making education and science more affordable. We are spectators of this astonishing fast transformation in the middle of this crisis, but the real question is what happens after. Are we capable of sustaining these outcomes or they are only incidental and short-term effects?

We can use the lessons…

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