Hey Ilija,
Simon Tucker

Hey Simon Tucker,

Currently I am struggeling to make a full websocket connection (so also for fetching and refetching) for the chat app. If you closely check whatsapp for example, the refetching takes almost instantly. When I am trying to refetch through tcp, it takes really long. Also if you pay even closer attention you never refetch all missing messages in whatsapp but one for one. This means they probably use some message event system or have some cursor system.

Btw do you know a good way to store all the messages offline (redux persist on apollo store?). Also a feature like resending messages that are not send during bad connection or server downtime, will be resend when the service is available again is a must feature. I think this can be done with custom redux store, but one problem I see is the optimisticResponse that will not be reliable anymore.

Hopefully you have some nice ideas about these features.

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