“Could we explore other options?”

If you’ve been to a design review, you’ve probably heard this question. When I hear it, my heart breaks. It says that our team is out of alignment: the work I’m sharing isn’t meeting everyone’s expectations.

I’d like to share a workshop that I use…

There is a disconnect between product design and product engineering.

Three factors contribute to this disconnect:

  1. Products get shipped faster every day. DevOps teams automate huge amounts of the delivery process, enabling engineering teams to ship code many times every day.
  2. Designers have access to more information than ever before

Design principles are a valuable tool for any team that works together towards a shared outcome. Written well, design principles can create alignment, speed up decision-making, and increase the quality of the team’s output.

Lately, I’ve worked with two of my teams to write design principles. Turns out writing down…

As we at the Wall Street Journal kick off a new round of hiring¹, I’m reminded of my least favorite practice in design hiring: the Exercise. Why do we put ourselves through it? Why do we put each other through it? What could we possibly gain from it? I’d like…

Matthew Ström

Design Lead at Bitly. https://matthewstrom.com

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