Hello World :)

First of all : Hello and welcome here.

Mu name is Chris. I am a developer. I’ve been working for some time as a php developer (good old classic php, some custom made frameworks, some Symfony 2, etc…).

Then, one day, I’ve decided to “pass to the front end side of the force”.

And that’s when I’ve started doing a little bit more of JS (Angular JS mainly).

I should specify that doing that was a change for me because the JS field was not so “close to my heart”, but the idea is that I’ve never worked with JS so I didn’t really know it.

For me JS was alert and console.log :)

Anyway, after playing few months with Angular JS and starting to like all this new Javascript planet I arrived on, I said to myself “hey, now you’re a fullstack developer, but to really be a good one you should do some Node JS”.

So I’ve started also learning and doing Node projects…

Last step of my journey is React Native. I’ve started few months ago at the office, but being in a pretty big team, I’ve never had the opportunity to learn it from 0. To learn the bases and everything.

So I decided to take the #100daysofcode challenge and to learn React Native as I should’ve done when we started (but hey, you know how it’s with the work projects — you have to have something to show to the big boss ASAP).

The period is not a great one (Christmas is coming 🎄 🎅), but I’ll do my best to stick to the plan at least before and after my Christmas holidays.

The point of this blog is to add what I did during this period and (specially) what articles / links I’ve found helpful.

Oh, one more thing — my English is not so perfect and I will do some grammar errors. I’m sure about it. If you’ll be reading this please be understanding as English is not my 1st language :)

So, welcome and let’s start this “challenge”.