For every startup, the dream is to realize all funding goals in order to give their ideas a chance to become reality. That’s all good, but what’s in it for the people that back startups up with their hard-earned funds? That is the question that a lot of new projects, especially the ones within the blockchain world, fail to answer. A viable startup comes with certain key ingredients that present both short and long-term benefits that will attract the masses and convince them that getting involved in these new projects is a great idea.

At iLink2Music, we are acutely aware of questions that might come up as we roll out our groundbreaking project. In this article, we will go over some unique benefits that potential token holders stand to gain when buying tokens in order to participate in our project. Amongst many others, the following are some positives our token holders will benefit from:

A Token for The Future of All Content: There is no doubt that blockchain technology is on the course of revolutionizing every aspect of business and that tokens are the future of the creation and distribution of value. At iLink2Music we are not just creating another virtual currency or another version of Bitcoin, we are creating what will become the standard of value for content in the new age of tokens. Our goals are grand, but our intention to execute and cause the greatest upset in the creation of entertainment content since the birth of the internet is even greater. Our token holders will be the first on a journey that will disrupt all that we know about talent discovery and content creation. Think of it as the early days of a mash of Facebook, Spotify, Vogue, and Sports Illustrated, but this time, powered by one of the most secure technologies that give all token holders a level playing ground for the big leagues.

Exponential Growth Projection: The Music Entertainment, Fashion, Film and Sports industries account for over a trillion U.S. dollars in revenue per year. By buying into the iLink2Music ICO, our token holders are putting their money into a field that is already amongst the biggest in the world, one that can only be matched by real estate as far as sheer growth is concerned. At iLink2Music, we are not only going after that currently existing trillion-dollar industry, but with our decentralized talent contests, as well as our influencer programs for emerging talents, we are unlocking new opportunities that current corporations have not been able to tap into. As content increases and our adoption rates skyrocket, the need for ELink Tokens will increase over time. Bill Gates famously coined the phrase “Content is King”. Well, at iLink2Music, we give our treasured token holders the opportunity to be kingmaker of all content. A good token is one that will always be in need and without a doubt, the ELINK token is a great choice when it comes to that.

An Airtight Team: They say, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Well, we say, show me whom you’re trusting your money with and we will tell you how smart of an investor you are. Since the beginning of the blockchain revolution, iLink2Music boasts of one of the strongest teams in the whole industry. Headhunted from diverse backgrounds around the world and backed by solid track-records in entertainment, tech and business, our team members are ones that will not put their names on a project that has no long-term goals or viability. Our drive to execute and surpass high goals is unshakeable, as we take on our carefully deliberated master plan in creating the biggest ecosystem for music entertainment around the world.

Great Brands Move Together: Sometimes it takes an established visionary to help scope down great opportunities, and iLink2Music is one platform that wants to clear all doubts you might have as you consider this once in a lifetime opportunity. To show the world we mean business, some of the biggest names in music, movies and fashion will be rolled out not just as partners but as ambassadors of our brand. In order to help the great wealth of talent that will come onto our ecosystem, we intend to have some of the most reputable influencers in each sphere of the entertainment industry, mentoring and judging within our online contesting platform. The names of our celebrity partners will be duly announced, as at iLink2Music, we don’t just make promises, we deliver!

At the start of its journey, Facebook was a small app connecting a few campuses around the U.S. Now, it has over a third of the world’s population on its platform. Great things always have humble beginnings and with the combination of our grand vision, solid business plan, dedicated team and massive growth projection, we have no doubt that all token holders will look back at 2018 and say that was the year they made the greatest decision of their lives. We are iLink2Music, and we are the future of the entertainment world in this fourth industrial revolution.

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